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As PriceRest, we provide creative dynamic repricing & price monitoring solutions to retailers, all around the world.
Use our MAP Monitoring Software and stop the Price Violations !
We create intelligence algorithms that get competitor prices instantly.
We crawl about 10 million web pages each day by using our own infrastructure. With PriceRest, you will gain great power of knowledge and be able to shape your business strategy for e-commerce.
PriceRest makes monitoring competitor prices and getting product suggestions extremely easy.

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Monitor your competitor prices easily, reprice your prices Automatically on your e-commerce site. Use our intelligence repricing and MAP Monitoring Software.

E-commerce has no tolerance for waiting, keep your repricing algorithm intelligently!

Feel Free with Price Monitoring and Price Management!

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Everything can be the same in every e-commerce site, but not in your site, live the real time repricing algorithim with PriceRest. analyse your competitors prices instantly. Optimise your profit margin,

Enjoy e-commerce!

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Serving 35 countries price monitoring software

Serving 35 Countries

Serving 35 Countries, Proudly & Globally We are proud to serve e-commerce firms in Turkey and friendly countries’ Price & MAP Monitoring needs with our great portfolio of software, Price Monitoring and MAP Monitoring Software. In case of a requirement that may not be met by the existing features of PriceRest, it is possible that our partners would form a team to fulfill such a requirement. Should any need arises in this scope, PriceRest is the right address to get in contact. What PriceRest Can Do For You? Price Monitoring PriceRest, provides creative price monitoring & repricing solutions to e-commerce …

Determining Price Tags

Determining Price Tags for Your Company

When a newcomer company arrives to the e-market, it should seek for betterment of its sales. Every year more and more companies decide to sell online. And this situation creates a high volume competition for online sales. To keep up with every aspect on sales for online websites, each and every one of them should seek advancements for their prices, products and clients in general. BuyBox Sections Of Shopping Websites To be a better choice for online shoppers, companies seek to be in the BuyBox sections of shopping websites. To achieve that they should know many details about their competitors. …

Price Analysis And Price Monitoring

Price Analysis

When online shopping experiences grow expediently, every brand or retailer should understand the necessities to survive in any e-market. Selling more or gaining more profit might sound great for newcomer business owners. However, staying alive in e-commerce, especially during an overly-saturated competition periods can be a more realistic goal for them. To keep a good game in online sales, price analysis is the key factor. What is Price Analysis? Price analysis can be identified as collective steps to gain a certain profitability in e-market. With price analysis, brand owners can learn and grow the overall situation of their prices for …

Dynamic Pricing or Price Discrimination? How to Set Better Price Points?

How to Set Better Price Points?

Dynamic Pricing is a strategy for any business owner who is in the competition of e-market which provides flexibility of the prices. This strategy tailors the prices of goods or services for better sales rate. An effective dynamic pricing can help any seller on e-market to understand the needs of customer and provide a well-tailored price tag for them. Customization of prices can help the business owners to sell more or better in certain amount of time. It helps to understand supply and demand in the economy and shapes the sales accordingly. However, dynamic pricing can be understood as an …

Shopping Platforms: Shopify & Amazon

Shopping Platforms: Shopify & Amazon

Online sales can differentiate your success from others. Every retail or brand choose their platforms for sales with the understanding of necessity for better future for them. Getting into a platform like Shopify or Amazon can make any brand sale more, if they can keep up with the changes and competition on the platform. And each platform can provide different solutions for companies who would like to sell more online.   Shopify or Amazon  With the most popular shopping websites, you should seek what kind of services you need for the business. Shopify can make you sell to your clients …

Keep Up With The Competition

How to Survive In e-Market?

To have better sales can be provided with better existence on the e-commerce platforms. Keeping a better understanding for existence and accessibility for customers is not an easy step to follow. Understanding The Customer Behavior Understanding the customer behavior for their shopping experiences can make your brand grow or diminish. If you can read the behavior of your customers or potential customers, you can create and draw your own analysis for sales. Customer behaviors and shopping trends can be a long-term process or study for many. However, with the unexpected changes along with the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping trends shifted for …

Benefits Of MAP Monitoring

Benefits Of MAP Monitoring

MAP Monitoring or as we know it Minimum Advertised Price can be really important for any online sellers. Monitoring the MAP is a crucial step for any observer to understand the e-market by determining the differentiations in it. Minimum Advertised Price monitoring can help any seller to understand which retailer putting their brands’ image under risk by selling for cheap. What Is MAP Monitoring Minimum Advertised Price is about the lowest price for your product to be sold by retailers. Manufacturers who set a MAP can define their products value by their own control and protect the name and the …

Dynamic Pricing and Price Monitoring Tool

Dynamic Pricing in Sales Strategies

In general, Price Monitoring solutions can make you to see from a global and better perspective regarding better pricing strategies for sales. Every brand owner, retailer or company who wants to sell online should seek for these kinds of solutions. Price Monitoring tools can provide you better understanding when it comes to keeping an eye for competition between other sellers. Pricing Strategy A good pricing strategy can be drawn by the hands of companies who are utilizing price monitoring tools. With the necessary data regarding the price points of your competitors, you can achieve better sales strategies. When it comes …

Effects of Price Tracking Software for Prominent Existence in eMarket

Effects of Price Tracking Software for Prominent Existence in eMarket

Enticing new customers for online sales can be a tricky situation. Newcomer brands or retailers to eCommerce mostly try to gain more customers for their sales, however, they face a great deal of competition on the way. Every company or brand that wants an online existence for eMarket needs to find a solution for turning potential customers into actual ones. There is one fact about new-comer brands or retailers which is about proving their existence to the customers and the industry. For this, they have to utilize analytical tools or price tracking tools to create better strategies for themselves. What …

Importance of Dynamic Pricing and Price Tracking

Importance of Dynamic Pricing And Price Tracking

With the recent changes of the economy due to the changing events regarding shopping trends, we all faced a term with increasing importance, called Dynamic Pricing. You need to track your competitors with Price Tracking Software. What is Dynamic Pricing? Dynamic Pricing is constant and ever complying price strategy based upon the changing market and shopping trends and general conditions of the economy. A business, manufacturer, or retailer who is utilizing the facts of dynamic pricing should seek the necessary information regarding certain events and changes in the economical state of their market. That is why the pricing points keep …

How To Grow Your Online Business

How To Grow Your Online Business

Every brand owner wants to create an online existence for better sales points. To have a better online existence requires good strategies based on the competition online. In eCommerce, there can be a lot of competitors according to the market. And recently, with the changes in shopping trends after COVID-19, every market is turning into a heavily saturated existences. This situation creates importance for every sales strategy of newcomer business to the online market. In eMarket, there are a lot of brands, manufacturers, retailers, and other business owners who want to compete with others. Keep Up With The Competition When …

Competition in the Multichannel

Competition in the Multichannel Retailing of eCommerce

As the world, we have faced many struggles last year. Struggles that made us change our way of living. When it comes to commerce, it grew its importance due to the necessities of the “new normal”s. With the COVID-19, people decided to increase their safety for health reasons and kept everything online. We started to work from home, studied from home, and definitely, we started to do our purchases online. How To Sell More Online With those changes, the online retail world grew into an immense universe. Every brand owner, retailer, or manufacturer wanted their online share for the sales. …

monitor competitors’ e-catalogue

Why Should We Monitor Our Competitors’ e-catalogue?

With the increasing number of competitions of eCommerce, there are a lot of options for potential customers when it comes to the online shopping experience. With highly saturated markets, it is clear that having an edge over the competition can make any business survive. There are a lot of changes in eCommerce! Especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of changes in eCommerce trends. With the pandemic, people grow a tendency to purchase whatever they would like to have from online outlets. Websites that are providing more than one option to the customers are increasing their engagement …

Price Tracking Process of Pricerest

Price Tracking Process of PriceRest

Price Tracking is one of the strongest methods for its users to provide a better understanding of competitors’ strategies on eCommerce. Price tracking is a way of realizing what others are doing in essence. This method creates its own value on eMarket due to the high competition rates. Every single day, with the recent changes, new businesses are entering online sales. And keeping up with the competition with others is the crucial part. Price tracking provides the necessary information to those who demand it for the sake of better sales. With the recent changes in shopping trends, people grow a …

Compete with your Online Competitors

How to Compete With Your Online Competitors?

Competition in eCommerce is the biggest aspect that every business owner should recognize. With the increasing number of online sales, every brand owner or manufacturer is becoming a competitor in eCommerce. Online shoppers are facing more choices for their shopping experiences every single day. With such increasing numbers of competition, it is crucial to be part of an active business in eCommerce. Every eCommerce business from manufacturers to retailers or other business owners should face the reality of online competition. There are more choices due to the high competition rates. In overly saturated markets, every business owner should seek better …

Competitive Edge and Price Tracking

Increasing the Competitive Edge of the Business

With the new year, it is expected to see that eCommerce will have another level of growth due to the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though that we are progressing with health situations by vaccinations, it is still unclear that when all the life will go back to normal. It is also being said that the normal lives we lived will not be the same after the pandemic due to the changes we got used to. One of the biggest changes we faced during this COVID-19 pandemic was growing our online shopping experiences. Relying upon eCommerce will make …