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As PriceRest, we provide creative dynamic repricing & price monitoring solutions to retailers, all around the world.
Use our MAP Monitoring Software and stop the Price Violations !
We create intelligence algorithms that get competitor prices instantly.
We crawl about 10 million web pages each day by using our own infrastructure. With PriceRest, you will gain great power of knowledge and be able to shape your business strategy for e-commerce.
PriceRest makes monitoring competitor prices and getting product suggestions extremely easy.

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Monitor your competitor prices easily, reprice your prices Automatically on your e-commerce site. Use our intelligence repricing and MAP Monitoring Software.

E-commerce has no tolerance for waiting, keep your repricing algorithm intelligently!

Feel Free with Price Monitoring and Price Management!

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Everything can be the same in every e-commerce site, but not in your site, live the real time repricing algorithim with PriceRest. analyse your competitors prices instantly. Optimise your profit margin,

Enjoy e-commerce!

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Serving 35 countries price monitoring software

Serving 35 Countries

Serving 35 Countries, Proudly & Globally We are proud to serve e-commerce firms in Turkey and friendly countries’ Price & MAP Monitoring needs with our great portfolio of software, Price Monitoring and MAP Monitoring Software. In case of a requirement that may not be met by the existing features of PriceRest, it is possible that our partners would form a team to fulfill such a requirement. Should any need arises in this scope, PriceRest is the right address to get in contact. What PriceRest Can Do For You? Price Monitoring PriceRest, provides creative price monitoring & repricing solutions to e-commerce …

Compete with your Online Competitors

How to Compete With Your Online Competitors?

Competition in eCommerce is the biggest aspect that every business owner should recognize. With the increasing number of online sales, every brand owner or manufacturer is becoming a competitor in eCommerce. Online shoppers are facing more choices for their shopping experiences every single day. With such increasing numbers of competition, it is crucial to be part of an active business in eCommerce. Every eCommerce business from manufacturers to retailers or other business owners should face the reality of online competition. There are more choices due to the high competition rates. In overly saturated markets, every business owner should seek better …

Competitive Edge and Price Tracking

Increasing the Competitive Edge of the Business

With the new year, it is expected to see that eCommerce will have another level of growth due to the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though that we are progressing with health situations by vaccinations, it is still unclear that when all the life will go back to normal. It is also being said that the normal lives we lived will not be the same after the pandemic due to the changes we got used to. One of the biggest changes we faced during this COVID-19 pandemic was growing our online shopping experiences. Relying upon eCommerce will make …

converting potential customers

Importance Of Converting Potential Customers

In recent years we faced that shopping experiences changed. eCommerce grew bigger and bigger by the implementation of new brands, manufacturers, or sales strategies of old ones. Selling online is a must for any brand in these days. However, changes in eCommerce did not only happen for the manufacturers or retailers, it also happened for customers as well. People do not have to pick what they have in their local positions; they can choose from many different businesses that wish to sell online. Newcomer customers of online retailers or new online shoppers are swaying their opinion for purchasing habits every …

Prepare for eCommerce Changes in 2021

How To Prepare for eCommerce Changes in 2021

2020 became an extremely defining year for people, culture, and especially for the economy. We saw many changes in our lifestyles by embracing the “new normal”. COVID-19 caused many challenges in our lives and forced us to find different ways of living. In such a sense, it can be easily said that eCommerce faced a major change as well. Customers, brand owners, and manufacturers relied upon online retailing more and more. General shopping trends have faced a major change and physical stores came to a stopping point; meanwhile online sales grew extremely. How can you survive and keep selling products? …

Importance of Price Monitoring in 2021

Importance Of Price Monitoring in 2021

Price monitoring is a crucial part of online sale systems in the world. It helps its users to see and analyze the prices of others. When the price monitoring comes to the conversation, it is more likely to be about dynamic pricing, building strategies for sales, and keeping with the competition for online sales. Especially dynamic pricing became crucial for better sales numbers for online businesses in recent years. Online Solutions For E-Commerce Needs With the COVID-19 pandemic, more people decided to spend their money online and seek online solutions for their needs. This situation created great competition in online …

Monitoring For Online Retailers

Necessity of Monitoring For Online Retailers

With the increasing numbers of sales in e-Commerce, new comer retailers or manufacturers want to be included in the game. Many different retailers who were not even considering online existence for sales, are now considering to enter to e-Market due to the changes and new normal of COVID-19. With the pandemic of 2020, the shift between physical and online shopping experiences grew faster. People chose to purchase online more. Physical stores lost a lot of blood when it comes to sales. Competition For Online Sales To keep up with the competition for online sales became a really important aspect in …

Competition With Low Price Businesses

How To Keep Competition Up With Low Price Businesses

In the eCommerce, every brand owner or manufacturer faces a big competition from low-price retailers. These retailers are giant businesses and hold a great power over the retail in general. In Amazon, eBay or other websites that manufacturers, brand owners and small retailers are selling their product, there is always another option which provides lower prices to sell more and make the competition difficult for others. In the recent years, with the increasing numbers for eMarket, low-price retailers became important players in for all distribution markets. They utilize a business strategy for them to survive with less profit margin. They …

Market Base Prices

Importance Of Market Base Prices

In 2020 with the recent situations with COVID-19, many new comer brands entered to eMarket. The competition of online retailers is bigger than before. Many different brands, manufacturers or retailers are seeking a strong base for eCommerce success for themselves. To enter the market space, especially within the strong competition-hold eMarket, businesses should be careful with pricing strategies. To keep a better pricing strategy comes with experience and knowledge about the market you enter. This is why having a better hold on the eMarket is possible with a good pricing strategy. Many different retailers, brands and business owners are choosing …

Low-Price Sellers on Amazon

Competition With Low-Price Sellers On Amazon

 Amazon is one of the biggest websites that many retailers and manufacturers sell online. It has enormous power over eCommerce. There are many different retailers, manufacturers and other online sellers in the website. This situation makes the competition online bigger. And this is why price tracking can be important for sellers online. With price tracking, they can keep up with competition at bigger websites as Amazon. Price Tracking To have a competitive edge, providing optimal price for your products is a must. Optimal prices can make your brand stay at the competition of Amazon. To have an optimal price for …

Amazon Price Tracker

Amazon Price Tracker Feature and Its Advantages for Sellers

Price tracking is a key element for success in eCommerce. Especially with the increasing numbers of online shopping experience in 2020, knowing who is selling at which price can be crucial. To see and understand sales strategies of your competitors, it is always a good idea to utilize an advanced technology Competitor Monitoring Software for price tracking. Competitor Monitoring Software In the websites such as Amazon, there are many competitors that you can face when you decide to enter to e-Market. Amazon is one of the greatest online retailers who achieved success by tracking their users’ prices and provide better …

Mistakes of in Price Monitoring

4 Mistakes Of Price Monitoring

In this day and age, with the increasing numbers of online sales, more brands and retailers depend on online sales and e-commerce in general. To keep up with the competition on online market is an important aspect for any growth and success of a brand. To sell more for better price and exist in the competition with good rates of sales is an important milestone for every business. 1-Keep Up With Competition There are many ways to keep up with competition based upon the competition monitoring. However, there are several mistakes that brand owners or retailers can do on their …

Enter e-Market

Aspects To Enter e-Market

With the current evolvements of commerce, e-commerce is not a side job that advantageous retailers join for success. E-commerce is a fundamental way for success for every brand, manufacturers and retailers. Especially with the needs of “new normal” in the general way of living, eCommerce takes a great part in everybody’s lives. Being able to reach millions of millions new and potential customers, potential profits and cutting operational costs of physical stores can bring enormous success to every brand. eCommerce can make or break many brands according to its implements. However, even though there are many advantages of eCommerce, running …

Importance of Dynamic Pricing

The Importance of Dynamic Pricing and Price Setting

Each day, many brand owners decide to sell online. And when they choose to sell online, they build up a great competition as well. With the recent changes in the customer trends in online shopping, brand owners, manufacturers and retailers should understand the importance of e-commerce more. Getting into the e-commerce and keeping up a successful sales strategy is not an easy job. It certainly requires changes in strategies for different periods to ace the profits. To do such changes, price points should also change. Price Setting Price setting is a crucial part of any commercial activity. Brands, manufacturers and …

Price Monitoring and Price Penetration

Price Penetration and Brand Loyalty

Getting into e-commerce can be tricky for new brands and other businesses. Selling online requires different skill set and data to figure out new strategies. Understanding the e-commerce needs and competition between online brands and retailers are the most important steps for any newcomers. Knowing What to Sell In Which Price? Knowing what to sell in which price, under the competition between other manufacturers and retailers can be tiring to some new brands who entered the e-market. However, there is another challenge for any newcomers of the e-market which is related to the entering phase to this market. Even entering …

How to Recover Lost Consumers?

How to Recover Lost Consumers?

As a manufacturer or other online businesses, in recent days of 2020 became more important sales-wise. It is really important to keep up with the competition, especially for the special periods of Black Friday or other holidays. Online consumers decide spend more for themselves and for their loved ones and they choose to select their options online by looking to the price points and other advantages for themselves. With this kind of a choice, they often look for their advantage and the manufacturer or other online businesses who wish to sell more online depend on competition more. Price Monitoring Tool …