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To keep up with the strategies that will provide better sales to the businesses require a high level of technology for Price Intelligence. Price and Competitor Monitoring is the key to online sales success. To keep up with the competition in the e-commerce, businesses started to seek information related to their competitors more.

Price Tracking Software
Price Tracking Software

Advantages of Using Price Tracking Software

Price Tracking is one of the strongest methods for its users to provide a better understanding of competitors’ strategies on eCommerce.
Knowing the prices of others can be simplified with the utilization of advanced technology software like PriceRest.

Price Tracking Process of PriceRest

How to Set Better Price Points?

Dynamic Pricing is a strategy for any business owner who is in the competition of e-market which provides flexibility of the prices. This strategy tailors the prices of goods or services for better sales rate. An effective dynamic pricing can help any seller on e-market to understand the needs of customer and provide a well-tailored price tag for them. Customization of prices can help the business owners to sell more or better in certain amount of time. It helps to understand supply and demand in the economy and shapes the sales accordingly.

competitor price monitoring and tracking dashboard
Minimum Advertised Pricing Software
MAP Monitoring Software - Price Violations

How Can I Monitor My MAP?

Minimum Advertised Pricing or as known as MAP is a price point which is set by the manufacturer.
MAP Monitoring Software like PriceRest can also be used by the producer itself. To see the price violations regarding your own products, you can monitor the sellers of your products in a monitoring tool like PriceRest.

What Can PriceRest Do For You?

Price Monitoring

PriceRest, provides creative price monitoring & repricing solutions to e-commerce companies all around the world.
We create intelligence algorithms that get competitor prices, price suggestions and competitor suggestions instantly.
We crawl about 10 million web pages each day by using our own infrastructure.

Price Monitoring

PriceRest makes monitoring competitor prices and getting price suggestions extremely easy. You can easily start to use the PriceRest by just providing us the URL that refers to your products

Competitor Suggestion

You are effortlessly able to match your products to your competitors’ product with our competitor suggestion and matching module.

MAP Monitoring

PriceRest provides detailed information related to the price points of the different retailers., then it also can monitor the application of MAP or MSRP policies as well.

Notifications & Stock Monitoring

With the daily and instant notifications, you can keep up with competitor price changes and re-evaluate your own prices accordingly. Besides, our Stock Monitoring feature helps you know your competitors’ sales volume on a daily basis.

Price Violations

To prevent Map Monitoring, price violations, and keeping just prices according to MSRP can be made with PriceRest.
To have a better understanding of e-commerce for success, join today!

Serving 35 Countries, Proudly & Globally

We are proud to serve e-commerce firms in Turkey and friendly countries’ Price & MAP Monitoring needs with our great portfolio of software, Price Monitoring and MAP Monitoring Software.

dynamic pricing with api
Connect With API Use Our Dynamic Pricing

Easily integrate with your most important apps

Track your competitor’s price, get every price changes and new products. You can save time by using our artificial intelligence repricing system based on dynamic pricing algorithms.

Our company was experiencing rapid growth, so we needed the best Price Monitoring Tool. We can easily monitor our competitors’ prices and stock after PriceRest. Their smart algorithm is able to adjust our products’ prices according to our competitors’ prices extremely accurately and fast.

Hakan Celen
Customer, CEO, PUDAS

Serving to top brands

Serving 35 countries price monitoring software

Serving 35 Countries

All around the world we are proud to serve e-commerce firms’  Price & MAP Monitoring needs with our great portfolio of software, Price Monitoring, and MAP Monitoring Software.

In case of a requirement that may not be met by the existing features of PriceRest, it is possible that our partners would form a team to fulfill such a requirement. Should any need arise in this scope, PriceRest is the right address to get in contact with. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many brands/companies in e-commerce firms have been using PriceRest intelligence price monitoring software for years.
Feel Free to write to us.

Price monitoring called also price intelligence. It is possible that can see as competitive price monitoring on the many platforms. As shortly as the price monitoring is the analysis of internal and external variable prices in order to optimize one’s pricing strategy. Trough to price monitoring, we can check and analysis the competitors prices to date, real time. We can see “retail monitoring” on some platforms too. We can see that, there are 3 strategies for price monitoring.

1. The analysis before project.

  • a. learning of the price and product policy of the client’s company. Also, learning about the features, industry and business.
  • b. The testing, training and certification about the auditors.
  • c. Setup-Install and preparation of the price monitoring software.

2. Field work

  • a. Visiting of the retail outlets.
  • b. data collection

3. Reporting and planning

  • a. Analytic reporting as online in the personal account of the company.
  • b. The reports for the photos, Powerpoints, Location, Excel which has location, address etc.

Competitor Price Monitoring is the fundamental step to success in e-commerce. 

Competitor price monitoring is a crucial aspect of any pricing strategy and helps businesses stay competitive in the market. It involves tracking the prices of similar products or services offered by competitors, on a regular basis, to gain valuable insights into market trends, pricing strategies and make informed decisions. The process of competitor price monitoring can be performed manually or using specialized software and tools. The information collected can be used to:

  • Identify areas where your prices are too high or too low compared to the competition
  • Detect pricing trends and changes in the market
  • Monitor the prices of your competitors’ promotions and sales
  • Determine the best pricing strategies to stay competitive and increase profits
  • Make informed decisions on adjusting your own prices

Competitor price monitoring can provide a wealth of information for businesses, allowing them to make informed decisions about their pricing strategy, product development, and marketing efforts.

It is possible with advanced technology price monitoring software like PriceRest.

Above all these price monitoring softwares keep the company in a competitive position. It saves the time. It contributes greatly to the company in terms of labor and cost. It provides to the manager many customizable reports and dataset. Due to these programs (software) provide many advantages, the company can have many infos and data about the competition and product prices.

Price monitoring has a lot of advantages for us.

  1. We can evaluate the price and products, policies of the other company, and our opponent.
  2. It is possible that monitor and checking of the promotions, special offers.
  3. We can follow and track the market conditions and market situation in the bazaar.
  4. We can check and control the sales points of the special goods and equipment. Also, we can manage the goods’ movement in trade.
  5. The conditions of the suppliers and dealers can be optimized for better cooperation.
  6. We can check and analysis of the stocks. We can learn and analyze the availability of the stock endorses the location of the products.
  • planning expansion of the retail chain,
  •  opening of the new outlets,
  •  import developments, create a strategy to sell the goods when new products are introduced to the market and Bazaar.
  •  starting the advertising campaigns,
  •  expansion of the product range,
  •  before and after making strategic decisions in the company for the selling, we can create a good and right strategy, make a useful plan with the price monitoring tool.

Some companies try to organize with the company’s resources without experience and established methods. But these are big risks. Also, the company will need a larger budget and greater time costs.

If you have an e-commerce web page or you are a supplier, you must use price monitoring software.

The web scraping tools are so popular and useful for the small and middle-size company with the limited budget. Web scraping tools’ advantages are;

  •  Multi-scenario: Risk charging, Academic researches, marketing analysis, using in lead generation is possible with the web scraping. Also the price monitoring can be used.
  •  Multi-industry and Shopkeeping: Web scraping tool can be used in many industries like to include real-estate, hospitality and more.

We recommend you that use price monitoring and web scraping tool too.

  • Internal Analysis: When we check and monitor the ore price history, we can make a good market strategy. Due to price tracking, it is possible that we create a strategy with product rotation and brand value. So, the price monitoring helps us that we make the best pricing strategy and rules, also maximize the profit.
  • As Market Competition Analysis: We think competitive price monitoring allows us to obtain competitors’ information. So, we can guess our competitors’ strategies. This information is very important in the marketing reports. Based on collecting ınformation and data like price and the ratio of the products, our target groups, etc., we will have an idea about our market position.
  • In short, we can say that a price monitoring tool is an obligation at this time. There are many platforms and software for price monitoring. We can use them, what they are useful for us.

And now, let’s think about the company and competitors which can plan the buying strategy without price monitoring. These can not buy their products at the right time. Because they cannot know which price did the other companies and competitors give. They do not know about the competitors dumping, why the goods of the company which does not use price monitoring, did not sell.

  1. Why do the other companies’ sell better?
  2. What prices of the products of our competitor’s?

Finally, the company can not earn more and can not be successful in this market without price monitoring.

It is possible to find many Price Monitoring Softwares. But it is so hard to find a professional software which have functional plugins for the browsers like chrome, opera, Firefox, etc. and provide to the company many optional report with the format like CVS, Excel or PDF. This Price Monitoring Softwares and Plugins are created and developed by the professional expert (Specialist) software engineers of the big and quality companies which are developed and experienced.

Through these softwares it is possible to check the prices of the product and compare the prices. These softwares provide us an optional report in the some formats like CVS, excel too.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is known as the price which is suggested by the producers. It is also known as the list price. Monitoring a MAP which is suggested by the producer can be crucial for sales strategy. MAP Monitoring Software can be effective to see the actual prices which are determined for a product. Having that kind of an information may help the seller to provide a better sales strategy without falling into the mistake of changing prices in the wrong way.

MAP Monitoring Software like PriceRest can also be used by the producer itself. To see the price violations regarding their own products, they can monitor the sellers of their products in a monitoring tool like PriceRest. Price monitoring can be used by producers to see the prices and violations of there is any.  To see the prices of each seller and building up a report for sales analysis of their product, price monitoring tools can bring data of importance. To have a better success in online sales, retailers and producers should monitor the prices of the certain products. To prevent Map Monitoring , price violations and keeping just prices according to MSRP can be made with PriceRest.

MSRP is basically the “recommended sale price” of a manufacturer. Recommended sale prices are not always being used by retailers and this is why monitoring retailers can make a difference for the manufacturer.

MSRP monitoring became a crucial step for manufacturers to realize and analyze the information related to their product prices’. However, monitoring system can be really trying for many. Even though MSRP monitoring is vital, many manufacturers are not being able to realize the importance or the means of monitoring.

The creation of a MAP policy can be extremely important for good enforcement. If the MAP policy includes precise situations, violations, and penalties good enough, it can protect the brand. If a MAP policy does not consist of details of different situations and if it is not well-tailored under the antitrust law, it can make the violations grow bigger.

  • Identify your product for following on Amazon.
  • Sign a price agreement with your dealers
  • Use a Good Price Monitoring Solution like PriceRest.
  • If you get a Price Violati,on send a letter to retailer for fixing the price.
  • Sign Up for Amazon Brand Registry
  • Eliminate unauthorized sellers on Amazon
  • If you still get violations mails with your Price Monitoring Tool, warn your dealer for the last time.
  • Stop selling products to your reseller that violate your product’s prices.
  • The MAP policy should include the number of strikes for the sellers or retailers to prevent immediate termination of the business relationships.
  • A MAP violation letter includes the number of the strike, termination conditions, and the warning.
  • When a MAP policy violation happens, manufacturers can put a freeze on the retailers’ to sell their own inventory.
  • Termination of professional business relationship with a retailer can gain some level of respect for the manufacturer by their other retailers

How Can I Enforce My MAP Pricing on Amazon?

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PriceRest account comes with default special features that is enough to monitor your prices but also we have some advanced features for your special needs.

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As PriceRest, we provide creative dynamic repricing & price monitoring solutions to retailers, all around the world. Use our MAP Monitoring Software and stop the Price Violations ! We create intelligence algorithms that get competitor prices instantly. We crawl about 10 million web pages each day by using our own infrastructure. With PriceRest, you will gain great power of knowledge and be able to shape your business strategy for e-commerce. PriceRest makes monitoring competitor prices and getting product suggestions extremely easy.

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