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As PriceRest, we provide creative dynamic repricing & price monitoring solutions to retailers, all around the world.
We create intelligence algorithms that get competitor prices instantly.
We crawl about 10 million web pages each day by using our own infrastructure. With PriceRest, you will gain great power of knowledge and be able to shape your business strategy for e-commerce.
PriceRest makes monitoring competitor prices and getting product suggestions extremely easy.

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Monitor your competitor prices easily than reprice your prices Automatically in your e-commerce site. Use our intelligance repricing software.

E-commerce has no tolerance for waiting, keep your repricing algorithm intelligently!

Be Free with Price Monitoring and Price Management !

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Everything can be the same in every e-commerce site, but not in your site, live the real time repricing algorithim with PriceRest. analyse your competitors prices instantly. Optimise your profit margin,

Enjoy e-commerce!

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Reasons for not selling

Why My Products Are Not Selling?

In e-commerce there are many options as brands or websites for potential customers for their shopping experience. In every corner of the internet, you can find a retailer who sells more for better prices and has a strong gaming hand in e-commerce. It can be difficult to detect the competition in many websites due to its frequent changing habits. Especially, if a frequently sold product suddenly stops selling for no good reason the situation will require an attention for analysis. Sudden changes in sales is not determined by the demand. People were buying things for a certain amount of time …

Online and Off line Price Points

Online and Offline Price Points Balance for Commercial Success

E-commerce is revolutionizing the general commerce success in the world, even though it has a few decades as its past. The strong and fast paced growth of e-commerce promises many possibilities to retailers and brand owners with accessibility of their product to many different potential customers. On the other hand, there is a fine line of balance between online and offline commerce world for brand owners. The question of in What extent this balance requires attention can make a difference ? Brand owners and retailers should keep their sales strategy for online and offline process for a better stability in …

Pricing Mistakes

3 Mistakes for Pricing

In e-commerce, price competition can be complicated than it seems. Knowing the prices of your competitor and making necessary changes make you able to fix your prices accordingly, however there are three mistakes you should be aware of when it comes to the pricing. What are the three mistakes of online pricing? Under pricing your products: Making sales and reducing the prices of certain products may seem like a good way to gather the attention of potential customers. However making a strategy that ignores the costs, shipping costs and VAT expenses can be crucially wrong. Going underprice may not me …

Product Catalogue

Building Up An Online Catalogue

In online sales world, having a good catalogue can create difference. Having the products in your catalogue that consumer wants or eligible in consumer trends can make the profits bigger. Online catalogue is an important aspect for e-commerce success. And there are several keys for building an online catalogue. Catalogue intelligence has a great importance when it comes to online sales as well as physical sales. However, building up a great catalogue can sway the idea of consumers for a better shopping experience. Let’s see what are the keys for building up an online catalogue. Knowing what you are not …

Rules Of Successful E-Commerce

5 Rules Of Successful E-Commerce

If you would like to transform your physical store to e-commerce company and want to start a successful sales strategy online, you have to follow five rules. 1. Finding the good market At first, knowing which market to get in could be great way for e-commerce entry. Which websites to get in and which market to be in for e-commerce can bring a difference to the table. If you would like to create good sales, you have to know which places that customers are always using. Understanding the trends of the online customers and trending websites can open the way …

Knowing your competitor

Knowing Your Competitors

Who are the main competitors of your e-commerce game? Who are you competing when it comes to prices and sales online? They seem like an easy question, yet the answers can ease up your way to success. Many companies and retailers who would like to sell their products online may not be able to know or analyze their competitors. Not knowing your competitor can cause a great difficulty for you to calculate your price strategy. A good pricing strategy can lead you to greatest of success, and the information of your competitors can bring a great difference to this strategy. …

Reasons For Price Monitoring

Brand owners and retailers are looking deeply to the online distribution channels and websites like eBay and Amazon to gain more sales online. To keep a stable sales number for their competition, they would like to know who is selling what in which price. And this situation creates a need for price monitoring. There are different reasons for price monitoring for e-commerce success as well. Knowing the price points, making a comparison, anticipating prices, controlling sales, observing the changes in the e-commerce can be given as the other reasons for price monitoring. What are the reasons for using price monitoring software?   1. Knowing …

Discount & Sales Success for E-Commerce

For retailers and manufacturers, knowing the time of preparing sales and discounts on the products can bring a great difference to the e-commerce table. Knowing the timing of the changes in price points can create an immense effect on the e-commerce success. Consumers are looking forward to see any kind of discounts for their online shopping experience during certain periods in the year. Especially for holidays or important days like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, people are always in need of bargain. Retailers and manufacturers should be able to see the need of the customers during bargain seasons and create …

Amazon Price Tracker

Amazon Price Tracker

How do I see past prices on Amazon? Price changes in e-commerce can be a crucial information to retailers. In the e-commerce world, every company knows that a big platform like Amazon can provide such information for their sales strategy. To have such information related to price comparison, a good technology should be used.  With a good price comparison software on Amazon you can build better business strategy to compete with all the vendors in Amazon. Keeping the track of your products can create a great difference in the competition. Price changes in Amazon can be used as an important …

Features of a Good Price Monitoring Software

The Features of a Good Price Monitoring Software

In recent years, e-commerce gained a lot of popularity among general commerce. The convenience of e-commerce for end customers are getting bigger and better every day. According to the information in eMarketer, the international growth rate of e-commerce is estimated as 16% for 2020. This number is going to affect the commerce in general. Sale numbers in the market places like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba etc are generating more profit for retailers. And to keep up with the numbers of success, manufacturers, retailers and other companies are in need of a good price monitoring software. Price monitoring softwares are providing price …

Product Price Monitoring

Price Monitoring Software

Price Monitoring provides us ease in our marketing and commerce. For that the price monitoring is so important. As we know there are many price monitoring software. We can check the prices of the product of our competitors and other companies. If you have an eCommerce web platform or a small / middle company which has to sell the goods, you must use this price monitoring software. If we have some information and idea about the price monitoring, we will use a software of course. In this time and situation the problem and question is, which software should we choose …

What is Price Monitoring

What is Price Monitoring?

Price Monitoring Price Monitoring is a cost analysis method. Today it is very important for the eCommerce websites and platforms. The price of a product is the first element for the first buyers. What is the price monitoring? Price monitoring called also price intelligence. It is possible that can see as competitive price monitoring on the many platforms. As shortly as the price monitoring is the analysis of internal and external variable prices in order to optimize one’s pricing strategy. Trough to price monitoring, we can check and analysis the competitors prices to date, real time. We can see “retail …

Work With Us

Senior Software Engineer – Frontend Senior Software Engineer – Frontend Role Description:  PriceRest is looking for experienced Frontend Software Developers to join our team. You will design, implement and maintain fully responsive and compatible web applications that will help us improve price monitoring & repricing solutions to e-commerce companies all around the world. You will get to investigate and use new technologies, tools while building high quality, user friendly and brand consistent web applications with an agile mindset. Our Expectations About You: +3 years experience as a Frontend developerBSc degree in Computer Science or a related degree.Excellent with Javascript, HTML, …



We are experts in different sectors Pet suppliesBooksToys & BabyOffice Supplies AutomotiveTechnologyHealth & BeautyFurniture SportsNutritionToolsMass Market Retailers International service With PriceRest you can monitor all e-commerce web sites anywhere in the world, independent of the currency or language used. What our clients think about PriceRest Thanks for your smart and useful software, e-commerce is more easy now! I can easily monitor my competitor prices and sales history, then I can smartly apply a pricing strategy for my products. That is Great.   We can easily monitor our competitors’ prices and stock after PriceRest. Their smart algorithm is able to adjust …

Pricing Strategies

Advantages of PriceRest for Manufacturers

E-commerce consist of many different agents in its own strategy. Customers, retailers and manufacturers are all in the equation for e-commerce success. To build up a better sales strategy we have to consider each agent with great importance. In this sense, price monitoring and competitor monitoring can be really important. Retailers generally build up their sales strategy according to their profits. And customers are building up their purchase strategy according to the prices. However, manufacturers would like to control the difference between retailers and customers more. No manufacturer would like to see that their products are being sold with an …