Amazon Price Tracker Feature and Its Advantages for Sellers

Amazon Price Tracker

Price tracking is a key element for success in eCommerce. Especially with the increasing numbers of online shopping experience in 2020, knowing who is selling at which price can be crucial. To see and understand sales strategies of your competitors, it is always a good idea to utilize an advanced technology Competitor Monitoring Software for price tracking.

Competitor Monitoring Software

In the websites such as Amazon, there are many competitors that you can face when you decide to enter to e-Market. Amazon is one of the greatest online retailers who achieved success by tracking their users’ prices and provide better prices to sell their products. And right now, there are many retailers, manufacturers and other online businesses who are in are using the price tracking tools for their own benefit. Many manufacturers, retailers and business owners are price tracking others to build up better sales strategies for themselves. To keep up with prices and tracking them down in Amazon, you can utilize the advanced technology of PriceRest.

Buy Box Feature of Amazon

PriceRest provides the advantages that can put you in Buy Box.

“What is Buy Box”

Buy Box Feature of Amazon Buy Box refers to the small box in that provides “Add to Cart” section. In that section, Amazon provides your brand and your shop; and when a customer wants to purchase a certain item, your shop pops up immediately. When it comes to choosing a product, customers are often ignoring the shops and instead, they are focusing on prices. According to the statistics, 82% of sales in is made by the decisions on Buy Box.  And Buy Box is showing the best option for that specific product. To be that “best option” in Buy Box, manufacturers, retailers and other brands should follow a great sales strategy to provide better prices and sales number.

Most of potential consumers use Buy Box for their shopping experience without searching more options, because they know that the price in Buy Box is the lowest. The winner that gets the chance to be in Buy Box sales more than average sellers on they sale more than any other competitors. This is why, being in buy box in amazon is crucial.

What we can do to be in the Buy Box in amazon?

To increase Buy Box eligibility, price tracking and price changing is crucial. Knowing who is selling at which price is possible by price tracking. And tracking your competitors’ prices can give you the advantage of building up your own sales strategy to get into the Buy Box. Checking prices, stocks and availability of products can put you in the Buy Box.

With the tools of PriceRest, you can track Amazon sellers’ prices, stocks and changes they make with an instant analysis. Also, you can make necessary changes in your own prices for certain products that you are in competition for automatically to keep up with competition.

Amazon Price TrackerLastly, there is another advantage of Amazon Price Tracker feature of PriceRest for manufacturers. Manufacturers who are tracking their products and their retailers, can look at the competition for MAP. MAP means Manufacturer Advertised Price and it is about the prices that manufacturers set for their retailers as minimum. With a MAP, retailers cannot show lesser prices to sell certain products of manufacturers, who chose the prices for themselves. Tracking their MAP for manufacturers can be crucial to keep up with brand loyalty. To provide similar prices for same product by different retailers is only possible when a manufacturer tracks them down for prices. Amazon Price Tracker tool of PriceRest provides manufacturers to track down their products and their MAPs. With this advantage, manufacturers can intervene their retailers’ product if there are huge changes in prices by ignoring decided MAP.  Checking and controlling prices for their own products, manufacturers can provide themselves better brand image and customer loyalty.

To have a competition edge and better chance to be in Buy Box of Amazon, join PriceRest today!

Price Rest

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