Price Monitoring

How To Prevent MAP Violations As Brand Owners

How To Prevent MAP Violations As Brand Owners

MAP violations can be irritating for many brand owners. Especially the ones who do not rely on self-monitoring when it comes to MAP violations can have really hard times when situations hit the court. Brand owners with no self-monitoring pricing … Read More

Self-Monitoring System

Reasons to Have a Self-Monitoring System for Pricing Policy Violations

Keeping an eye on pricing policies can be tricky in many different situations. With the advancements of e-commerce and the strong grounds of antitrust law, there can be many different ways to be seen as “illegal activities” when it comes … Read More

Monitoring Sellers for MAP Violations

Importance of Monitoring Sellers for MAP Violations by the Brand Owners

When a brand or a manufacturer monitors its prices by their own set-up, it gives the message of “I can see all” to the retailers. When there is a strong and updated system for monitoring prices with advanced technology, brands … Read More

MAP Policy-Making Process and MAP Monitoring

MAP Policy-Making Process and MAP Monitoring

Minimum advertised price or MAP is a subject that every seller, retailer or manufacturer should excel for their sales points. For manufacturers, MAP means the lowest price tag they want to show to the consumers. It provides a brand and … Read More

minimum advertised price policy

Why Should Manufacturers Monitor Their Retailers?

Preparing a MAP policy and creating a good system for law enforcement with the help of an antitrust lawyer is always a great idea for the manufacturer or brand owner to protect their products and their integrity. Many brand owners … Read More

How To Find Unauthorized Sellers?

Unauthorized Retailer Problems and How To Solve Them

Brand owners often seek for different channels to sell their product in wide range e-market. However, it doesn’t mean that they abide with uncontrolled or unauthorized sellers online. Even though making extra sales from different retailers may sound nice, it … Read More

Determining Price Tags

Determining Price Tags for Your Company

When a newcomer company arrives to the e-market, it should seek for betterment of its sales. Every year more and more companies decide to sell online. And this situation creates a high volume competition for online sales. To keep up … Read More

Price Analysis And Price Monitoring

Price Analysis

When online shopping experiences grow expediently, every brand or retailer should understand the necessities to survive in any e-market. Selling more or gaining more profit might sound great for newcomer business owners. However, staying alive in e-commerce, especially during an … Read More

Dynamic Pricing or Price Discrimination? How to Set Better Price Points?

How to Set Better Price Points?

Dynamic Pricing is a strategy for any business owner who is in the competition of e-market which provides flexibility of the prices. This strategy tailors the prices of goods or services for better sales rate. An effective dynamic pricing can … Read More

Keep Up With The Competition

How to Survive In e-Market?

To have better sales can be provided with better existence on the e-commerce platforms. Keeping a better understanding for existence and accessibility for customers is not an easy step to follow. Understanding The Customer Behavior Understanding the customer behavior for … Read More