Dynamic Pricing Practices

Dynamic Pricing and Price Monitoring Tool

Dynamic Pricing is a well-known term for a digital price setting practice which is developed for e-commerce success. Dynamic Pricings changes according to offers and demands. It is also known as price intelligence. And it has one main quest: Maximizing e-commerce profits by adapting prices to the market.

Dynamic pricing or price intelligence is based upon the decisions of a brand or a company related to the interests on product and competitors. Creating a strategy based upon price intelligence practices, we should take the product range and competitor prices in count. Price intelligence helps us to build a better sales strategy for e-commerce success. To build up a better e-commerce business, we have to understand the prices, products, e-catalogues and competitor decisions. Having the information of our competitors’ price range, we can build up a better dynamic pricing.

There are two possible ways to build up a better sales strategy by using dynamic pricing. These are:

  • Being the cheapest option no matter what.
  • Being cheaper/more expensive option in relation to our competitors

What is Dynamic PricingThe first strategy of “being the cheapest option” may be damaging for the long run. Businesses which would like to have a better sales strategy should know when to make sales for their product to keep up with good prices in the market.

However, being cheaper or more expensive option in relation to the competitors could bring good amount of success in terms of e-commerce. Building a hybrid strategy with the elasticity of prices, businesses can sale in the right time and in the right price points. This strategy requires one simple task which is the understanding dynamic pricing.

How can we build up dynamic pricing?

Having an easy dynamic pricing or price intelligence process, we can utilize a price intelligence tool like PricRrest. PriceRest provides information related to prices of our competitors and product range. Keeping updated information of our competitors in the market that we would like to sale can bring a difference.

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