MAP Monitoring Software

MAP Monitoring Software

What is the difference between MAP & MSRP

MAP Monitoring Minimum Advertised Pricing or as known as MAP is a price point which is set by the manufacturer and it represents the lowest price that the manufacturer company allow its retailers to advertise.

Manufacturer price is known as the most important aspect when it comes to sales. Retailers should be careful about the prices of a certain product they advertise, in terms of legality. In many places of the world, retailers try to gain advantage by advertising less than MAP which affect the manufacturer’s solidity. Even though it is legal for many different countries and retailers to have a personalized price points when it comes to private negotiations with customers, and even though resellers are free to sell product in a price tag of their own choose, they should advertise at or above MAP level.

MAP is a term that can be misunderstood for many different reasons. Two different important aspects about MAP pricing should be taken seriously. Firstly, MAP is addressing to how a product is being advertised by resellers only. It does not control the actual selling prices. Retailers are free to sell their products according to their own sales strategy. Secondly, MAP is a one-way policy of the manufacturer. It is not a two-way agreement like price fixing.

Manufacrurer’s suggested retail price or as known as MSRP is however is another term. Manufacturers may follow the road of presenting a suggested price to provide for all of their resellers or retaielrs a fair inteRest. It is suggested to make a standardized price for different retailers, and it stops the unfair sales strategies of theirs, if there is any. It presents a fair and standardized price point for retailers.

The main difference between MAP and MSRP is about intention. MAP is only addressing the price point, meanwhile MSRP is taking the strategy to another step by representing price point to retailers and affecting them by telling how to sell their products.

Both policies are working to present a fair and profitable sales in commerce.

Minimum Advertised Pricing

MAP Monitoring

To monitor the sales points of our retailers to see if they fall under the MAP or MSRP policies, we can utilize an advanced Price Intelligence Tool as PriceRest. PriceRest provides the detailed information related to the price points of the different retailers. If a manufacturer can see and analyze the information related to its retailers, then it also can monitor the application of MAP or MSRP policies as well.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is known as the price which is suggested by the producers. It is also known as the list price. Monitoring a MAP which is suggested by the producer can be crucial for sales strategy. MAP Monitoring Software can be effective to see the actual prices which are determined for a product. Having that kind of an information may help the seller to provide a better sales strategy without falling into the mistake of changing prices in the wrong way.

How Can I Monitor My MAP?

Chancing prices in the wrong way to gain more advantageous sales is known as price violation. Price violation is a serious crime in the e-commerce or in the commerce in general. Retailers should be careful when they are presenting a price tag to a certain product to prevent price violations.

MSRP of a product can be found in bigger sales websites like Amazon and eBay. To get the information of the producers can be made with a price intelligence tool like PriceRest. With PriceRest, we can build up a sales strategy by using the actual list price of a product which is determined by the producer itself.

Price Violations

MSRP Pricing Map Monitoring SoftwareMAP Monitoring Software like PriceRest can also be used by the producer itself. To see the price violations regarding their own products, they can monitor the sellers of their products in a monitoring tool like PriceRest. Price monitoring can be used by producers to see the prices and violations of there is any.  To see the prices of each seller and building up a report for sales analysis of their product, price monitoring tools can bring data of importance. To have a better success in online sales, retailers and producers should monitor the prices of the certain products. To prevent Map Monitoring , price violations and keeping just prices according to MSRP can be made with PriceRest.

Price Rest

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