How Can a Manufacturer Build a MAP Monitoring System?

MAP Monitoring Software System

E-commerce can make or break you, that is a fact. If you are being able to control the sales of your own products according to your prices, it can change the situation of yours as a distant manufacturer to a consistent one. As a manufacturer, companies have the duty to prepare the prices and monitor their retailers to build up a consistent name. E-commerce is a vast commerce place with different rules. However, those rules can be monitored easily.

Minimum Advertised Price – MAP Monitoring

Minimum Advertised Price, or MAP, is the lowest price of a product which retailers supposed to advertise. This price is open to bargain between retailers and customers; however, MAP should be presented as the advertised price for certain.

MAP policy agreements are helping to brands and manufacturers to build up a standard when it comes to prices of their own products. Having a standard in prices can make customers to see that your brand is a consistent one on e-commerce.

Retailers would like to gain the advantage of sales with price monitoring and controlling. However, they can be open to changes of the prices according to their strategies. To have a better sale, they can alter the prices of the products they sell according to the recent trends. They might lower the prices to stay in e-commerce game. However, their sales strategy may create troubles for a brand’s reputation.

Minimum dvertised Price ViolationIn such cases, there is a way to prevent trouble for manufacturers, which is known as MAP monitoring. Brands can protect their reputation as a “consistent brand” with consistent prices with monitoring systems like Pricerest. Building up a list of the retailers of their own, who would like to sell in many different webpages, and monitoring information related to their price points can bring an analysis point for brands. Manufacturers can bring an advantage to themselves with monitoring information related to prices of their different retailers.

PriceRest provides this information in its analysis pages. Manufacturers can list their products and can see the retailers’ action regarding those products. This advanced and established system of price monitoring, PriceRest provides the manufacturers an updated information of the prices with e-mails.

Manufacturers may use the information which is listed on PriceRest analysis sheets to monitor the sales strategies of their retailers as well as the compliance to their MAP policy.

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