How to prepare a dynamic e-catalogue as a manufacturer?

How to prepare a dynamic e-catalogue as a manufacturer?

In 2020, manufacturers are gaining their own momentum for sales to the end customers directly. Each day, we can see the direct sales channels like websites from manufacturers to end customers. However, since because brand owners and manufacturers are more into the sales strategies and marketing, staying updated can be tiresome. Now, manufacturers should take the marketing into account more, like the retailers. To have and updated catalogue is one of the crucial features for this step.

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 How to prepare a dynamic e-catalogue as a manufacturer?There is one important aspect when it comes to the changes in the catalogue. Changes in the catalogue can happen between seasons or in promotional periods. In such days, it is important to modify and procure the detailed information of the products that are going to be sold within the e-commerce systems. Hence, utilizing a Price Intelligence Tool like PriceRest can be crucial. Having detailed and updated information regarding sales strategies is bringing the importance of a detailed analysis. To build up this data for manufacturers, Pricing Intelligence works wonders.

What should we seek for building a dynamic e-catalogue as a manufacturer?

To have an online catalogue that is open to change and update, it is important to have a detailed information list. And in these lists, there are certain things that we should include such as product information sheet, stocks and price changes. To have that information, we can utilize an advanced technology of price intelligence tool as PriceRest to see the details.  To see how much product is being on sale for how much price in different sales channels can be illuminating for a new catalogue change.

If a manufacturer is having an agreement with different retailers, it is also easy to see this information regarding the certain products that are going to have a change in the catalogue with PriceRest.

Check Your SellersTo see their pricing points as well as the stocks and different information regarding the product is providing an updated information for the manufacturer to build up a better catalogue as well. To easily seek monitoring the relation between manufacturer and retailers, Price Intelligence tools like PriceRest is very important.

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