Price Comparison Dates for Strategies

Price Comparison Dates for Strategies

As a manufacturer or a retailer, to procure a better sales strategy for e-commerce is a crucial step. Having an understanding in terms of sales is the determining factor for success in e-commerce, especially in 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce is gaining an increasing momentum in the general commerce. In these days, people are thinking, learning and choosing online shopping. To have an advantage in online sales, having a good sales strategy is a must and  As a manufacturer MAP Monitoring Software is the most important tool.

To prepare a strategy requires many features such as price and competitor monitoring. However, there is another feature for the strategies, which is about “when to prepare sales/discounts for online shopping”. In these days, many brands and manufacturers are following certain dates to announce their sales. Main sales/discount dates are the dates that people are waiting for.

How do we choose the days for sales/discount in 2020?

buying trends in 2020 and covid 19The answer for this question varies from industry to industry. However, there are main dates that we all can follow. To establish a dynamic pricing strategy in the right time can be life changing. Since because end customers are also waiting for sales/discounts in e-commerce, we can clearly see that dynamic pricing is a must.

Precuring a calendar of important moments and dated for market price comparison is the main feature that we all must see in the e-commerce game. To see this calendar in general, we can focus on main dates such as Black Friday, Christmas, important dates like Mother’s and Father’s Day along with Valentine’s Day. These days are the main dates that we can see the comparison clearly. Also, with these date in mind, we must seek for the important days in our industry. As an example, textile and fashion brands are always following the dates of the first week of January for their sales/discount pricing. In tourism, spring days in April can be important for discounts. In each industry, there is an important sales day that each brand in the industry can follow.

Having a fixed date for price comparison and sales/discount action carries a great advantage for e-commerce. The main reason for that is about staying alert for the next changes in the market.

How can we stay alert in this game?

Price comparison and competitor monitoring is the key. To have detailed and updated information regarding the prices and competitors’ actions can be utilized to have a better sales strategy in certain dates that can shape the market.

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