Price Monitoring Notifications

Price Monitoring Notifications

In e-commerce, keeping up with the competition is everything. To build up a great competition advantage, we have to keep ourselves updated. With Price Monitoring Tools like Pricerest, we can keep our data updated very easily.

Price Monitoring Tool

To know, understand and analyze our competitors’ strategy for e-commerce, we should be able to collect and build up data for their products. To create a better analyze for e-commerce, price monitoring and dynamic pricing processes can take some time. Pricerest minimalize the time that we spend for collecting data. With just an adjustment, we are being able to control and monitor the price points of ours and our competitors.


A good Price Monitoring Tool should provide information related to the competitors‘ in a quick way. Building up a strategy requires the updated information from the competitors. With Pricerest, you can find the updated information related to your competitors’ prices and stock in many times during a day. With a quick e-mail notification, you can keep up with price changes and movements in the e-commerce.

You will be able to know and analyze the prices of your competitors thanks to the updated data that shows up in your e-mail address, every single day.

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