Price Penetration and Brand Loyalty

Price Monitoring and Price Penetration

Getting into e-commerce can be tricky for new brands and other businesses. Selling online requires different skill set and data to figure out new strategies. Understanding the e-commerce needs and competition between online brands and retailers are the most important steps for any newcomers.

Knowing What to Sell In Which Price?

Knowing what to sell in which price, under the competition between other manufacturers and retailers can be tiring to some new brands who entered the e-market. However, there is another challenge for any newcomers of the e-market which is related to the entering phase to this market.

Even entering e-market can be tiresome for many brands. And without right attitude and strategy, it can be really difficult for them to gain any kind of a success in e-commerce. To have a better entrance to e-market, manufacturers and retailers should have a strategy.

When to sell and at which price to sell?

In 2020, with the situation of COVID, many brands and retailers decided to get into the e-commerce. They want to sell and compete with other brands who happens to be mastering the game of e-market. Their competitors know what to sell, when to sell and at which price to sell. They already built a brand loyalty, they know what their customers want, they can understand the trends of the sales. To keep up with such established sellers online, any new comers want to bring a strong pricing strategy for themselves.

There is a sales strategy for newcomer brands, manufacturers and retailers of e-market which is called price penetration. Price penetration strategy is about setting lowest prices as possible to get into the market and gain the attention of potential customers. There is a reason for this “price penetration strategy” as the first strategy for many retailers. This reason is about the consumer habits. Any consumer who wish to shop online look at the prices first. If a brand or retailer can keep the attention of a customer by giving them the lowest prices possible, then they will have a change to sell their product.

Implementation of such strategy provides the encouragement to customers to purchase more; attract more customers; motivate price sensitive customers to purchase; and gather better target participation in e-market. When a customer wants to purchase a product according to their wishes, they will look at your e-catalogue more due to the price points. It is about creating a new brand loyalty in e-market. Even though selling for lowest price can be difficult to keep profit for the brand, it creates a great chance to build up this brand loyalty for customers in the long run.

Price Monitoring Tools

Price Penetration

To implement such strategy in a successful way, brands should increase the promotion activity or create a price drop or different discount ways. It must relate to any kind of a “discount” when it comes to price penetration strategy. When every detail of the strategy is related to prices, Price Intelligence Tools can be used for necessary information. Gathering information of prices, product stocks and other data related to the competitors will make you to understand and build a better price penetration strategy for your big entrance to e-market.

There is a slight disadvantage of the “lowest price” rule of price penetration strategy. Lowest price points can be crucial for any brand owners for credibility issues too. If you set the lowest price according to the market, there is a risk of being seen as counterfeit. When every other credible seller is selling their products at a certain rate, any new-comer brand owner or retailer’s lowest price can be seen as dangerous too. To avoid such misinterpretation by the potential customers, new comers should be more careful and know the period of time of this strategy. Keeping this strategy at certain time and certain point and not passing the line of estimated period can bring credibility back to the table. To have this difference and understand it, competitor monitoring tool such as PriceRest is a must.

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