buying trends in 2020 and covid 19

Understanding The Buying Trends In 2020 And Covid-19

Online shopping experiences vary from person to person. However, there is one thing certain about e-commerce trends about the reality of purchasing habits. With the great changes in our world, the purchasing habits change globally as well as locally. We … Read More

Anxiety related purchasing habits and price tracking tools

Anxiety Related Purchasing Habits And Price Monitoring Tools

Anxiety can be seen at the roots of each movement of a human being. Especially when it comes to purchasing or consuming goods, we have the tendency to go overboard with anxious mind. We can buy more because of the … Read More

E Commerce And Coronavirus

What PriceRest Can Do In Coronavirus Days?

E-commerce is growing with a steadfastly. In the year of 2020, we are more inclined to do our shopping online more than in the physical stores. Especially with dreadful events of Covid-19 as known as Coronavirus we built up a … Read More

Online and Off line Price Points

Online and Offline Price Points Balance for Commercial Success

E-commerce is revolutionizing the general commerce success in the world, even though it has a few decades as its past. The strong and fast paced growth of e-commerce promises many possibilities to retailers and brand owners with accessibility of their … Read More

Rules Of Successful E-Commerce

5 Rules Of Successful E-Commerce

If you would like to transform your physical store to e-commerce company and want to start a successful sales strategy online, you have to follow five rules. 1. Finding the good market At first, knowing which market to get in … Read More

What is Price Monitoring Software

What is Price Monitoring?

Price Monitoring Price Monitoring is a cost analysis method. Today it is very important for the eCommerce websites and platforms. The price of a product is the first element for the first buyers. What is the price monitoring? Price monitoring … Read More