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Competitor Price Monitoring for Sales Strategies

Competitor Monitoring For Sales Strategies

Competitor Price Monitoring is the fundamental step of the success in the e-commerce. In each online sales strategy, knowing what others are doings is crucial. Having the information and data related to competitor manufacturers, sellers and retailers can change many … Read More

buying trends in 2020 and covid 19

Understanding The Buying Trends In 2020 And Covid-19

Online shopping experiences vary from person to person. However, there is one thing certain about e-commerce trends about the reality of purchasing habits. With the great changes in our world, the purchasing habits change globally as well as locally. We … Read More

Anxiety related purchasing habits and price tracking tools

Anxiety Related Purchasing Habits And Price Monitoring Tools

Anxiety can be seen at the roots of each movement of a human being. Especially when it comes to purchasing or consuming goods, we have the tendency to go overboard with anxious mind. We can buy more because of the … Read More

E Commerce And Coronavirus

What PriceRest Can Do In Coronavirus Days?

E-commerce is growing with a steadfastly. In the year of 2020, we are more inclined to do our shopping online more than in the physical stores. Especially with dreadful events of Covid-19 as known as Coronavirus we built up a … Read More

Online shop price monitoring

Why Would Online Shops Monitor Their Prices?

In e-commerce, it is important for a brand or retailer to keep up with their competitor’s prices. They use price tracking tools to figure out the details of the competition. However, price tracking tools like PriceRest is not only providing … Read More

Competitor Price Monitoring

Competitor Price Monitoring

In e-commerce, there is a great advantage for brands and manufacturers for having a global reach. Having different customers from different locations may change the course of success and profits from the e-commerce. E-commerce provides potential customers a large number … Read More

Product Catalogue

Building Up An Online Catalogue

In online sales world, having a good catalogue can create difference. Having the products in your catalogue that consumer wants or eligible in consumer trends can make the profits bigger. Online catalogue is an important aspect for e-commerce success. And … Read More